Fruit Tree Grafting


Welcome to Gary's Fruit Tree Grafting site. I'm located in Davis County, Utah (20 min north of SLC)

In early 2013 I got the bug to start grafting fruit trees. I can't remember exactly what drove me, most likely a midlife crisis. We had planted a 4 variety apple tree years before, and I was fascinated with it. I remember thinking that I would like a few apricots every year, but not a whole tree. I discovered online that apricots can be grafted onto peach, and I had a few peach trees.

So I watched a million YouTube videos and read lot's of stuff online about grafting. When people ask how I learned to graft I tell them I graduated from YouTube.

I bought a cheap grafting knife on eBay. My first attempt to graft was apricot to peach in July of 2013. My cousin's neighbor has a huge apricot tree that we love. Nobody knows what variety the tree is. I tried 4 bud (2 t-bud and 2 chip bud) grafts, and none were successful. I had trouble taping them (tape kept moving the bud), which I blame for the failure

On Aug 2013 I tried again. We had encountered a variety of peach that ripens about a week after Redhaven. They tasted great. I got a branch, and made 3 chip bud grafts into my Redhaven peach tree. 2 took. I was on my way. You can see the pictures on the page on the left, or click here.

I successfully grafted pear and apple before the season ended in 2013. I tried cherry in the spring of 2014, and got 1 in 11 to take. In the spring of 2104, it was extremely exciting to watch my new peach, apple, pear, and cherry grafts spring forth.

I have posted some of my grafting successes on this web site. Click on any of the pages on the left to see the specifics and pictures for that graft.

Hope you enjoy. Good Luck in your grafting!


Email me at: gary "AT" wetdesert "DOT" net